The financial system orchestrator for mobility services

The lack of systemic direction is a key reason that the influx of different mobility modes into cities has increased the complexity but not the overall performance of today’s urban transport.

MobiFi is the financial orchestrator for Mobility as a Service (MaaS). It provides a transparent platform with a tokenized payment system to connect mobility service providers and travellers. Its unique DeFi bridge revives your mobility credit and turns it into a yield engine.

The yield engine of mobility credit

Link enterprise mobility services and yield on mobility credit

We understand that the core of a successful project must serve a real value to its customers. To fulfil our vision for a sustainable mobility future, we must bring in as many service providers as possible. In other words, we need to let enterprises join the platform immediately, and guarantee our financial system is ready for production.

Where most projects try to build their own hybrid blockchains to appease to both enterprise clients and community members, we are deciding to live on top of Corda and Ethereum at the same time. Rather than having our own validator node-set, and building this infrastructure from scratch, we will be utilizing Ethereum to participate in the DeFi ecosystem, and to give users an on and offramp into fiat, other stablecoins, and yield generation opportunities. On the other hand, we will be using the token on Corda to power our high-frequency applications and to serve corporate clients.

"Enterprise Mobility Service + Mobility Credit Yield Capbilities"



A transparent & controlled environment for enterprises

Permissioned distributed ledger-based platform to ensure transparent while also maintain controllable data privacy.

MobiFi enables businesses to transact directly and in strict privacy using smart contracts, reducing transaction and record-keeping costs and streamlining business operation in the mobility community.

The platform offers a tokenized mobility credit to reward responsible travellers and as a mean to exchange or redeem mobility and other services within the network.

A reward engine fully automated by the smart contract. It incentivizes travellers to choose multimodal transportations and travel more eco-friendly without lock-in them in a siloed company loyalty program.

Earn tokenized mobility credit and use it everywhere

Become a responsible traveller, earn rewards and build a sustainable future

No extra cost for the consumers and they choose the responsible ways of travelling to earn mobility credits.

Reduce automotive insurance premium by showing responsible driving and travelling behaviour.

Top up mobility credit and use them for all mobility services within the network or exchange them to other cryptocurrencies.

Staking your mobility credit (MobiFi token) in crypto exchanges to make extra earning as a liquidity provider.


An identity device, a wallet, a place where you can enjoy all the mobility services

DLT-based payment engine automates the mobility credit system for enterprises, and all are managed in one control portal.

Businesses can either choose to use a node as a service or join the network with their own blockchain nodes.

Dual token strategy to ensure the mobility platform is protected against volatility of the crypto market.

Mobile app for both iOS and Android, which creates a user-friendly experience for end consumes.

Integrated MobiFi wallet to bridge the internal mobility credit system and the public crypto market.


Breakdown of our Token Recipients.

Start Time


Token Symbol


End Time


Tokens Offered

150 M


Tokenized mobility credit system to create a sustainable mobility future



Our advisors and mentors have extensive knowledge and industry experience in the bank, financial investment and crypto space.

Katie Richard (F10 Mentor)
Executive director, head of digital custody & trading in Falcon Private bank
Marc Lussy (F10 Mentor)
Partner at IBO & Senior advisor of F10
Kaikai Xu (Advisor)
Management partner at Topping Capital
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